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Monday 11 February 2008

iPhone mini review

It has been a while since my last post. Today i want to talk about my new toy - iPhone.

First of all, obviously EDGE is not fast enough, no doubt, it needs HSDPA, i don't want 3G voice calling as that reduces battery life enormously, but having ability to use HSDPA would be really cool.

SMS - no drafs folder, no sent folder, no delivery receipts, that should be standard, no change of appearance.
Phone - no contacts search, actually Spotlight is a must for the iPhone, it should search everywhere! also no ability to set mp3 as a ringtone
Safari - Great, but missing Flash!!! Safari 3.1 perhaps on an iPhone.
iPod - ah, good stuff, no doubt here
Photo - all good, no problems, but I want to send a picture over Bluetooth.
Email - oh well, that works pretty cool, but hang on if you got a photo as an attachment you cannot save it to the Photos, not Cool at all.
Bluetooth - Needs file transfer, need Contact transfer, needs A2DP, needs Internet Gateway so i can use it with my macbook pro.
Activation - I want ability to unlock my iPhone if i am legitimate user and use it in other countries with my sim card instead of roaming!

There is no Delete All anywhere in the phone and also no multiple selects!!!

I also want iPhone to be able to put into the Storage mode, so i can transfer whatever i want.

A lot of people talking about SDK, I really really hope that it will fix most of the above problems, i already see great number of applications for jailbreaked iPhones out there, but something tells me Apple can screw it up and just make SDK for widgets or have limited ability to extend the basic ones with Advances one. The Installer concept is great.

As for now, it is a very very nice Ipod Touch with phone capabilities :) So, I think it is going back to Apple.

Wednesday 22 November 2006

Samsung D900 mini-review

Well, alghough I have about 4 Symbian phones I use Samsung D900 on everyday basis. Here the small list of advantages and disadvantages:


+ Size
+ Screen
+ Battery life seems to be ok 3-4 days
+ Simple & Fast Interface


- Having a 3MP camera with autofocus is useless, it is so slow, about 15 seconds to make a shot (your objects cannot be moving as well)
- No option to set your own tone for sms
- No option to set different volume for ring, alarm, sms
- No auto save to sent folder
- Only 200 sms, and always the first 10-15 sms saved on your sim card
- No automatic Alarm for birthday settings in Phonebook
- Very inaccurate PC Synchronisation
- Poor Java support (cannot access camera API, cannot even run GMail Application)

But still quite good, neat machine and doesn't take space in your pocket. If I would buy a phone today I would probably go with Nokia 5500 or Sony Ericsson Z610i in non-Smartphone Market.

S60 Most annoying and confusing UI and Apps

I don't want to go into how S60 became so complicated and slow, there are other blogs for it, but what I don't understand is how Nokia implemented so simple Alarm clock as it becomes useless !!!

If you have your list of annoynces please do not hesitate to comment!

Sony Ericsson M600i

I don't understand two things about M600i Messaging:

1. Why all envelope icons are the same, so the only way to separate read messages from unread is a BOLD font. Why not use open envelope for read messages and closed envelope for unread. that's seems to be user friendly and intiutive. 2. Why on such a big display you cannot see all of the folders??? would be great if you can expand them as Todays' View.

Impovements suggestions:

It would be great to see some kind of extensions to the icons in messaging, as an example like all mail programs have small annotation if the message was replied, forwarded etc.