Завтра будет новый День! (New Day is Tomorrow)

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Sunday 24 June 2007

First time in US

This is year is superb in term of traveling. I have visited our headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey twice and have to say the more I go the more I like United States. It seems to be this country is made for people, everything is quite affordable compared to UK :-)

6 month with ALK Technologies

Well, it has been tough 6 month and I really enjoyed it. I learned more about portable UI, C and C++. More about threading, more about making generic code, More about being patient and how business works.

Monday 22 January 2007

First 2 weeks with ALK Technologies

Hello ha,
Well, it has been 2 weeks, I am very excited and enjoying my new role. I am learning plenty about the UI and the idea of having a change immidiately shown on the screen is really awsome! It is really different from the middle size company like Symbian, so I am learning that as well, some things look weird and different, but overall I am pretty impressed.
It really interesting to see how people using Symbian OS, not using Symbian Coding Standards, not thinking about performance and memory management.
I am really glad that I started in Sybmian, I think this experience will help a lot!

Tuesday 19 December 2006

Leaving Symbian

15th of December 2006 was my last day at Symbian office in Cambridge. On 3rd of January my contract is finished and I am going to continue my career at ALK Technologies, makers of Copilot SatNav. It has been a great time working for Symbian. I have started as a graduate (P1) and now considered to be a great software engineer (P3) only in 2.5 years. Unfortunately, Symbian doesn't do any application development or GUI and it is time to go learn more about. A lot more, new challenges and new technologies! I would recommend to anyone working for Symbian, but you will have to have a suitable DNA. It seems to me that my blood will have it for a while even though I am not longer with them.